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LevYaku  by Uruhara LevYaku :iconuruhara:Uruhara 16 2 kanda wip by Uruhara kanda wip :iconuruhara:Uruhara 34 8 Untitled by Uruhara Untitled :iconuruhara:Uruhara 26 3 TncxLamento Shoppu 2 by Uruhara TncxLamento Shoppu 2 :iconuruhara:Uruhara 42 0 Lamento x Tnc shoppu by Uruhara Lamento x Tnc shoppu :iconuruhara:Uruhara 55 5 Yullen ch215 a page remake by Uruhara Yullen ch215 a page remake :iconuruhara:Uruhara 189 40 The what if situation by Uruhara The what if situation :iconuruhara:Uruhara 58 18 Hppy Blated Bday Yu-pon 2012 by Uruhara Hppy Blated Bday Yu-pon 2012 :iconuruhara:Uruhara 136 15 HBD Hibarin 2012 by Uruhara HBD Hibarin 2012 :iconuruhara:Uruhara 70 8 Yullen: My Dream by Uruhara Yullen: My Dream :iconuruhara:Uruhara 332 36 TnCLamento CS by Uruhara TnCLamento CS :iconuruhara:Uruhara 121 9 YunJae for Hasmie by Uruhara
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YunJae for Hasmie :iconuruhara:Uruhara 61 22
ocs2 by Uruhara ocs2 :iconuruhara:Uruhara 53 13 Old work: Allen Walker by Uruhara Old work: Allen Walker :iconuruhara:Uruhara 226 19 New Ocs by Uruhara New Ocs :iconuruhara:Uruhara 38 6 Lamento RxK scrap by Uruhara Lamento RxK scrap :iconuruhara:Uruhara 174 13
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HALxSupercell by DualNaito HALxSupercell :icondualnaito:DualNaito 64 3
The Walker Syndrome: 22
Chapter Twenty-Two: Doppelganger?!
"You left him behind?"
Allen repeated the sentence, his expression fully betraying what he felt; incredulous. Nezumi shrugged at Allen's surprise, falling quiet. By nature, Nezumi was not one to blabber. The only times he would get mouthy was when he was reciting, performing, or faced with one Sion. But seeing that Allen was a bit similar to Sion, couple that fact with Allen's curious eyes watching him; the teen could not deflect Allen's curiosity.
"Dying to know?" Nezumi teased, surprising Allen. Allen blushed a little for his poor manners and quickly shook his head.
"N-Not really, if you don't feel like saying it."
"It's alright, I'll tell you. After all…telling someone you used to be imprisoned in a facility isn't something you can do lightly," Nezumi murmured, prompting anew Allen's curiosity. How indeed would Nezumi understand that? Allen would hesitate to reveal such facts each time, because of all the sorts of complicated feelings it sti
:iconsachiroyurei:sachiroyurei 6 4
Bride of the Demon Prince: 8
Chapter Eight: The Bride, Wife-in-Training
Allen dawdled in his room, thinking that it would be better if he stayed put right now. Otherwise Kanda might get angrier if he was looking for him again and Allen ended up elsewhere. The boy sighed. Why did Kanda have to be so mad? Of course, it was partly his own fault that he snuck out, but that was because he was bored, and well...Not in the mood to look at Kanda!
But it didn't mean the demon prince had to grip him that tightly; it hurt! He didn't know how strong demons could be, but Allen certainly hoped Kanda would consider the fact that he was human; his arm could have broken! The boy was lounging on the bed, resting his sore body. That was, until the door flung open to reveal the very person he had been thinking of.
Allen sat up, curious that Kanda himself came to find him. The prince usually sent Marie to look for him. Kanda still wore a very complex expression of anger, frustration, and a hint of...expectation? "...Is somethin
:iconsachiroyurei:sachiroyurei 7 13
At World's End: 8
The Sown Seed
"Damn it...!"
Why was this happening?
Those easy moments of peace two months ago now seem but a dream. Lavi certainly prayed that he was only having a nightmare now. The irony of it all, was that it was indeed a nightmare, one that none of them could escape from. They were all betrayed. But who held the knife bloodied with the lives of vampires and lycans alike? In that meeting two months ago, he still was wary of Tyki.
But now, Lavi desperately wished that the vampire lord was safe. He no longer knew whom he could trust, not even his own so-called neutral brethren. He had his secret family to turn to, but they were all so caught-up in the recent turmoils, none of them had the time or opportunity to converge. The latest news he heard was that the lycans planned to have an all-out war. Earlier, a supposed uproar was caused when Zerulis, Lulubell and Vlodfield disappeared from the lycans. Lulubell, undoubtedly, must have returned to the Millennium Earl's side the mom
:iconsachiroyurei:sachiroyurei 4 6
Playboy 7: Ms Waitress
Chapitre Sept: Ms Waitress
When his cell phone's ringtone trilled, Allen simply expected it to be from one of his school friends. The boy nearly dropped his phone from shock when he read the contents of the short message, coming from an unknown number. The message however, clearly indicated the identity of the person who texted him. Really, even in a text message Kanda could sound arrogant. "Today, at Kuukai uptown, ten sharp. Don't be late. And dress properly." Allen grumbled inwardly, glaring at the message as though it would evaporate under the force of his glare.
"What's wrong-cho?"
Sachiko peeked out from the bathroom of the small apartment she shared with her cousin. Allen rolled his eyes, waving his cell phone about in the air as he said, "Kanda is inviting me on a date…it seems. God, the man is so arrogant my eyes burn from merely seeing his haughty behaviour." Sachiko giggled as she listened to Allen grumble about rude men and what to wear.
"You saved me from him, Allen
:iconsachiroyurei:sachiroyurei 3 5
UTAPRI - Ichinose Tokiya by C-seishun UTAPRI - Ichinose Tokiya :iconc-seishun:C-seishun 158 10 Kuzunoha Raidou3 by C-seishun Kuzunoha Raidou3 :iconc-seishun:C-seishun 138 15
D.Gray-Man 210, 211, 212
First of all, I would like to say that my cat is doing fine now. :heart: Thank you all for your prayers, they have been answered! :hug: A second opinion from another vet showed that my cat has a bladder problem instead of a kidney problem, and it's not life-endangering. Now Zen continues being an absolute terror in the house!
Now, onto my very very late reviews.
D.Gray-Man 210
There is not much to say about this chapter because while the pages are long, the story development point here is simple: the journey in search of Allen Walker. But it is a rather nice chapter, because as previous chapters go, Allen now knows Kanda's entire past. This time, it is Kanda who is getting glimpses of Allen's past. Like why Allen's trail leads through red light district, and Kanda who notices just about how many countries Allen has journeyed to by the location of the debts (Cross, alive or not, will always continue to haunt Allen hahaha). Oh Kanda, you're just so gorgeous men and women are all o
:iconsachiroyurei:sachiroyurei 3 16
20101211 by feimo 20101211 :iconfeimo:feimo 3,968 168 QiLing Zhang by feimo QiLing Zhang :iconfeimo:feimo 5,209 179 Kung Fu Panda 2-Lord Shen by feimo Kung Fu Panda 2-Lord Shen :iconfeimo:feimo 12,029 657 mystery by heise mystery :iconheise:heise 6,580 189




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